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Whee!  Seen Hobbit 2.  In 3D, which turned out to be worth it, even though I find the glasses really uncomfortable

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Oh, and I couldn't watch Sylvester McCoy without seeing 'The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot' playing in my head.  I think that may even have been the highlight of the Doctor Who anniversary for me (not that the regular anniversary episode wasn't good) and the Jackson / McKellan scene was a joy
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Hobbit trailer further remark

Oh, and Tauriel's hair colour?

I liketehta's hair dye theory, but for those convinced elves do not die dye I think the simplest answer is that she's one of the Avari and descended from the Second Clan, aka the proto-Noldor.  Possibly one of her ancestors was a close relative of Mahtan.  Possibly not.  'Rare' does not have to mean 'confined to one family.'


Yep, the Hobbit trailer is looking pretty good

Meanwhile, looking over my Silmarillion writing (finished and unfinished) I find the question of whether I actually like a character has very little bearing on whether I write them.

For example I really like Finrod, but you’d never know that from my writing.  I think the only things I’ve written for him are a drabble, and a mostly off page and not entirely flattering portrayal in my Luthien story.

On the other hand I’ve never cared for Turgon or Curufin, but I now seem to be writing a vignette for them in which neither is completely unsympathetic, at least to me.

I was just about to put that despite this I can’t imagine wanting to write anything more than cameos in other people’s stories for Turin or Feanor, both of whom make me want to hit them round the head with something solid, when I remembered that I did have Feanor in mind when I wrote Wayland – although it would be a version so far removed from the living Feanor as to be practically unrecognisable so I’m not sure how far that really counts as an exception.

Overall though the characters I’m probably most likely to be drawn to write are clearly those like Gil-galad and Celebrimbor who have such small roles in the text they are practically blank sheets. 
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YES I've seen it.

And I thought it was great.  Yes it did feel more than a bit like watching the extended edition on the big screen, especially the first half-hour, and the script does tend to hammer things home with a really big hammer. But I didn't care.

(Mild spoilers below)

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Obligatory Hobbit shout of Glee

I wish I had more more time right now to celebrate the first Hobbit movie properly.  However I'm combining full time work with  qualification studying and my brain is pulped.  So I'll just say

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